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1939 American Dream

1939 American Dream Side View

The perfect car for a Golden Age style event.

This stunning 1939 is the perfect vintage wedding car. Its unique white color and antique styling is extremely rare. So rare that this is the only one offered in New England. The 1939 Super Eight is a handcrafted American automobile that rivals the British built cars. This is one of the finest American made automobiles built. The Classic styled 1939 will take you back to a different time and place of style and elegance of the Golden Age of the Great Gatsby, Howard Hughes, Jean Harlow, Ava Gardner to name a few.

This car was there in that magical time! This classic adds a fun and exciting touch to every wedding, which is captured in photos and video forever! The 1939 Antique wedding car has never failed to "Wow" guests and leaves them with a fond lasting memory. It is the only wedding car of its kind in the New England area!

1939 American Dream Steering Wheel 1939 American Dream Backseat
1939 American Dream Rear View 1939 American Dream Front View